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OPScript - Scheduler & Email Notifications

Scheduler Overview

Open-Plant Analytics (OPScript) can be executed manually from the Open-Plant client, periodically or via WebAPIs. For periodic execution, execution is controlled by the Scheduler.

The scheduler can be configured at the bottom of each OPScript as shown in the diagram below. 

Scheduler Status

The scheduler will display the status of it's execution on the left hand; inside each individual analysis box. These boxes represents each analysis accordingly.

The scheduler status can either be:
- Running: This means the script is currently executing. If the execution is fast (which will be in most cases), this Status will only be a flick and not be seen.
- Ready:  This means that the script is enabled and is currently waiting for the next execution by the scheduler. The next execution is indicated by "Next Run"
- Disabled: This means that the script has been disabled. A script is disabled after clicking on the disable button. Note that a disabled script will not run even though "Enable Schedule" is checked.
- Error: This means that the script registered an error.

Scheduler Configuration

The scheduler is configured based on the Start Time and the Period

The Start Time can be a specific time or started immediately. If the Start Time specified is in the past, the scheduler will interpolate the next execution time based on the Period specified.

The Period can be set based on the number of Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, or Months.

If week or month is selected, additional options will appear as show below:

When week is selected:

When month is selected:
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