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Patented* & FREE Bulk SMS method

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Turn your Contacts into a CRM.

Easily manage contact groups

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Message faster using templates

Re-use personalized messages.

Set auto reminders for important contacts

Stay on top of your relationships.


Awesome App!
Vlix makes editing contacts so smooth and easy. I use Vlix all the time in place of default contacts App.
I used to spend $200 USD a month sending bulk SMS for my business. With Vlix, it's just $6 a month! Totally worth it!
Whatsapp groups don't work anymore! I organize events for my community and Vlix Bulk SMS has helped 10x response rates!
This is the first App I have ever given 5 Stars to!
Vlix well deserves it.
I can't believe no one has ever thought of this before!
Sending bulk SMS in small MMS groups? It's so simple!
Finally, an App that's worth subscribing!
Vlix allowed me quickly organize my 1000 contacts into specific groups.
As a social worker, Vlix auto-reminders has greatly improved my productivity. It ensures that I'm always in touch with my clients. God bless you Vlix!

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